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5 signs you NEED to switch to a new CRM.

Written 21.07.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover the 5 telltale signs it's time for a CRM upgrade! Uncover limitations, boost user adoption, and unlock growth potential for your business.

What NOT to do when purchasing a CRM.

Written 14.07.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Learn what NOT to do when purchasing a CRM. Avoid costly mistakes thanks to our insightful blog post. Learn more what

#1 most important thing when implementing CRM

Written 12.07.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

User adoption is the #1 most important factor when implementing CRM. Learn practical strategies to drive CRM success and propel your business forward.

3 hidden costs of a CRM that WILL impact your work.

Written 10.07.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Uncover the hidden costs of using a CRM that can impact your work. Learn how to navigate these expenses and optimize your CRM strategy for success.

What to look for in a CRM? Top 5 features from a RevOps expert.

Written 7.07.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover the top 5 CRM features to consider from a RevOps expert. Learn what to look for in a CRM to drive efficiency and boost sales. Read now!

Work tip: Cut work hours by half with a good CRM.

Written 5.07.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover how a good CRM can help you cut work hours. Increase productivity, streamline processes, and boost efficiency with the right CRM. Read now.

Am I overpaying for a CRM? 3 ways to tell.

Written 3.07.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Are you overpaying for a CRM? Learn three effective ways to evaluate CRM cost-effectiveness and maximize value for your business. Read our blog post now.

Introducing ChatSpot: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement on HubSpot

Written 25.05.2023 by Dominik Zglinski

Introducing Revolutionizing customer engagement on HubSpot. Enhance conversations, automate support, and boost lead generation

3 Life-Changing RevOps Benefits for CCOs

Written 23.03.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover why Revenue Operations is the best playbook for Chief Customer Officers. Overcome challenges and see 3 life-changing benefits of RevOps. Read now.

3 Life-Changing RevOps Benefits for CSOs

Written 23.03.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover the top 3 benefits of RevOps for Chief Sales Officers. Read on how Revenue Operations playbook can improve the revenue generation process.

3 Life-Changing RevOps Benefits for CMOs

Written 22.03.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover the top 3 benefits of RevOps for CMOs! Read about how Revenue Operations framework can help CMOs with measuring ROI and maximizing efficiency.

3 Life-Changing RevOps Benefits for CEOs

Written 20.03.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover the top 3 benefits of RevOps for CEOs! Learn how the Revenue Operations framework can drive success and overcome key challenges for CEOs.

Revolutionize Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategy with HubSpot

Written 27.02.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Learn how to use HubSpot for your plastic surgery marketing. Streamline your efforts with an all-in-one platform. Maximize growth potential with analytics.

Cost Savings Comparison: Switching from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM

Written 22.02.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover how switching from Salesforce to HubSpot can help you save on CRM costs. Read our pricing comparison for a cost-effective solution.

3 Reasons Why HubSpot's User-Friendly Platform Is More Effective

Written 20.02.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

This blog post explains why HubSpot's user-friendly interface is better than Salesforce. Discover the top 3 reasons today!

HubSpot - A More Integrated Solution than Salesforce

Written 15.02.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Discover the advantages of HubSpot's integrated solution over Salesforce, including consistent customer data, cost savings, and streamlined reporting.

How Switching from Salesforce to HubSpot Can Benefit Your Company?

Written 10.02.2023 by Julia Pacewicz

Unlock the benefits of switching from Salesforce to HubSpot - save money, boost results, and simplify processes with a user-friendly platform.

The Best Platform for B2B RevOps Strategy

Written 1.07.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

Read more about what to consider when choosing your RevOps tech stack and why HubSpot is the best Revenue Operations platform for B2B companies.

A Guide to a Successful Revenue Operations Strategy

Written 22.06.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

In this blog post, we define three key steps to take to create a Revenue Operations strategy that drives results. See what you need to get started.

What is RevOps? Meaning, structure, and benefits

Written 9.06.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

Revenue Operations (RevOps) unites marketing, sales, and customer success through people, data, systems, and processes to generate more revenue. Read more!

ClickRay Reaches Platinum Tier as a HubSpot Solutions Partner

Written 28.04.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

Learn more about how ClickRay has reached yet another major milestone this year by becoming a platinum solutions partner at HubSpot!

A Simple Checklist for CRM Data Audit and Clean-Up

Written 13.04.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

A solution for disorganized CRM is a data audit and clean-up. Read more about what to focus on and how to conduct an automated data cleansing in HubSpot.

How Can I Check My Website Performance?

Written 7.04.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

Running a website audit is important to see which sections of website content perform worst. Read more to see FREE tools to check your website performance.

A Guide to Custom Quotes Templates in HubSpot

Written 5.04.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

Check out the newest HubSpot's feature - custom quote templates! Enhance your sales by personalizing receipts for your prospects and clients.

3 Tips on How to Improve Customer Service

Written 31.03.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

Turn your customers into promoters with these tips for improving customer service and transform your operations into customer success using HubSpot tools.

ClickRay Reaches Gold Tier as a HubSpot Solutions Partner

Written 21.03.2022 by Julia Pacewicz

Learn more about how ClickRay has reached yet another major milestone this year by becoming a gold solutions partner at HubSpot!

Video Marketing in HubSpot: A Must-Have Today

Written 7.12.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

Video marketing is changing the Internet. That is why you should start using it in your marketing strategies for lead generation on your HubSpot website.

What is the Future of Websites?

Written 18.11.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

The future of websites focuses on the customer. With a new self-service app, ClickRay creates a unified experience using connected and customized CRM/CMS.

Three Similarities Between Metaverse and HubSpot

Written 3.11.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

Metaverse and HubSpot focus on digital experiences that connect people together through interoperability, setting the standard for the new Internet.

HubSpot's CMS and CRM: Why use both?

Written 26.10.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

Create seamless digital experiences by using HubSpot's tools to their full potential and integrating both HubSpot's CMS and CRM together.

Why HubSpot CMS Is Good For Content Creators

Written 14.10.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

HubSpot CMS is one of the best website development platforms on the market. Why? Because it is easy to manage for content creators.

Improving Page Speed on HubSpot

Written 3.08.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

In this post, we will identify the key points and show you how to improve your page speed on your HubSpot website.

A Powerful Way to Streamline Operations with HubSpot

Written 10.05.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

Integrating your HubSpot's CRM or Marketing Hub with CMS Hub will create an easy-to-manage, one-stop-shop for all your website, sales, and marketing needs.

MultiLingual and Multi-Domain Websites on Hub CMS

Written 3.03.2021 by Julia Pacewicz

Managing websites with multiple domains and languages can be a hustle. The solution? HubSpot CMS!

Will Rebranding hurt your SEO?

Written 22.12.2020 by Julia Pacewicz

How to prevent SEO from hurting when doing a company rebranding? We illustrate three cases of rebranding and the steps you should take care of your SEO.

How to Establish Brand Identity Through Website Design?

Written 10.12.2020 by Julia Pacewicz

What makes us unique? In this article, we will explain what is Brand Identity, why it is important, and how you can visualize it on your website.

Naming Convention and Organizing Your CMS

Written 19.10.2020 by Julia Pacewicz

How can Naming Conventions help you stay organized in your HubSpot CMS to ultimately ease internal operations and improve your marketing strategies.

6 Things Developers Should Know About CMS HUB

Written 4.05.2020 by Szymon Binek

Learn how the new HubSpot CMS Hub offers the power developers need, with the ease-of-use and scale that marketers crave.

How Can HubSpot CMS Hub Help Your Marketing ?

Written 27.04.2020 by Szymon Binek

How can the new HubSpot CMS Hub and a custom build Theme-based website help you in your marketing efforts?

ClickRay's HubSpot Templates - The Testing Journey

Written 15.02.2019 by Szymon Binek

Know how Clickray tester is checking and testing HubSpot Turbo Templates for responsiveness, resolution, web browsers and more.

Template Customization vs Custom Web Design

Written 31.10.2018 by Szymon Binek

Read about the differences between Template Customization and Custom WebDesign service and what both these services have in common with baking.

10 Tools for a successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Written 18.12.2017 by Szymon Binek

Get acquainted with the overview of top free digital inbound marketing platforms and tools for successful marketing campaign and strategy.

How To Use Social Media [5 TIPS]

Written 15.12.2017 by Daria Symanko

Explore 5 effective ways to promote your B2B company using inbound marketing campaign in social media.

ClickRay's Web Design Process on Basecamp

Written 25.05.2017 by Daria Symanko

Know how to work on your project using Basecamp. Explore all stages of Clickray’s web design process.

HubSpot CMS Templates - Beginners Guide

Written 2.12.2016 by Szymon Binek

Planning for website redesigning using a HubSpot COS template.

5 Tools For Web Development

Written 25.11.2016 by Kasia Kramnik

Check out our list of 5 must-have tools for web development services that will keep your team productive, informed and motivated. Let’s go!

HubSpot CMS Templates - 5 Myths

Written 3.11.2016 by Szymon Binek

There are many rumours and stories about HubSpot COS templates, some of which are exaggerated to the extent that they can be understood as Myths

Using BPO Web Development For Your Agency

Written 11.10.2016 by Szymon Binek

Learn how BPO web development can help your agency grow by providing a scalable financial solution, enabling to add a new service to the portfolio

5 HubSpot CMS Tools For Every Inbound Marketing Agency

Written 9.09.2016 by Szymon Binek

Learn how to boost your SEO ratings, create more compelling marketing messages and reach your prospects using those 5 most effective HubSpot COS tools.

Best Blogs About Website Development [15 Examples]

Written 31.08.2016 by Szymon Binek

Check our list of smart websites and blogs, full or knowledge and inspirations for web designers and developers

Beware of Choosing a Bad Website Development Agency

Written 18.08.2016 by Szymon Binek

Choosing website development agency can be very tricky. The wrong choice may even get you fired. Here are 7 things you must avoid.

The Worst Advice About Development Services

Written 3.08.2016 by Szymon Binek

Thinking about website redesign? Watch out for these common misconceptions about web development services!

7 Things About Web Design Your Boss Needs To Know

Written 6.07.2016 by Szymon Binek

7 golden rules of effective web design every business owner should know. Learn how to delight your prospects and stand out from the Internet crowd!

Custom Web Design at ClickRay

Written 23.06.2016 by Szymon Binek

Meta description: Take a peek into Clickray’s custom web design process and see what we do to create websites that engage, convert and delight your customers.

Tricks To Boost Your ROI With The Perfect Website

Written 15.06.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Check what savvy trick you can use to boost your e-commerce ROI. Read our list of 9 sophisticated, yet often disregarded, tricks.

Effective Website Redesign [CHECKLIST]

Written 8.06.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Busy marketer’s checklist for effective website redesign will save you some headaches. This checklist helps you to go through the redesign process smoothly.

What Consider When Building a Website Redesign Plan?

Written 31.05.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

There are six important things to consider while building a website redesign plan. Determining what you want to achieve thanks to redesign is most important.

Website Redesign - Is It Worthwhile?

Written 25.05.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Still can’t decide for website redesign? Read our post and see why website redesign is worthwhile, how it will improve your sales and boost ROI!

Your Website Needs a Redesign [5 Reasons]

Written 18.05.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Read 5 top warning signs which say that your website needs a makeover and check whether you should redesign your site. You’ll never fall behind again!

Outsourcing Vs an In-House Developer

Written 9.05.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Outsourcing vs. in-house development is one of the oldest debates in business. Before making decision consider mainly the needs of your business

5 Tips To Set Up a Multilingual Website

Written 5.04.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

How to build multilingual website? Learn how to avoid common mistakes, become visible for search engines and get high return on your marketing investment.

Starting With HubSpot From Scratch

Written 19.02.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Learn how to create a fully-customized content and boost your conversion rate starting with HubSpot’s COS, the first all-in-one website marketing platform.

HubSpot vs WordPress - Clash of Titans

Written 17.02.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

WordPress is a real titan, but is it the best blogging platform? Its younger competitor HubSpot has a number of functions that make it better.

HubSpot Blog - Perfect for Non-Tech Marketers

Written 12.02.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Want to run a successful business blog without a big time commitment? Find out how you can benefit from HubSpot’s blogging platform.

HubSpot’s Blog and Lead Nurturing Strategy

Written 9.02.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

Get qualified leads and push them down the sales funnel using a business blog. On the example of HubSpot’s blogging platform, we present the most effective blogging tools.

3 Characteristics Your Website Redesign Agency Should Have!

Written 20.01.2016 by Stefan Materzynski

You are designing or redesigning your website, because you have specific business goals. It is important that your website redesign outsourcing agency knows about them and has characteristics to fulfill them.

How To Use Buyer Personas for Website Redesign

Written 17.11.2015 by Stefan Materzynski

Learn how to use the information from your buying personas profiles during your next website redesign and increase you website conversion rates.

3 tips on how to build instant online trust with website design?

Written 13.11.2015 by Szymon Binek

We do judge the book by its cover. First impression maters in online website design.

3 Reasons Why Perfect Website Conversion is a Myth

Written 9.11.2015 by Stefan Materzynski

!00 % website conversion is a myth. One of the reasons behind this are the motivations of prospects visiting websites.

2 Important Values Your Website Agency Should Hold

Written 30.10.2015 by Szymon Binek

When looking for a website design agency, look for a agency which has experienced in responsive website design projects and devotes time to understand your business goals.

How To Save Time and Money During Website Redesign

Written 22.10.2015 by Stefan Materzynski

Outsourcing HubSpot Web development services are the specialists in making your website mobile-friendly. Trust them!

Go Inbound with Website Development on CMS

Written 19.10.2015 by Stefan Materzynski

Do you have website on HubSpot CMS platform? The CMS helps you in managing the inbound approach in your website redesign.

Why Choose CMS Certified Developers For Website Redesign?

Written 12.10.2015 by Stefan Materzynski

COS certified developers are experienced in website redesign. We give 4 reasons why you can trust them and redesign your website with them.

A Data-Driven Approach to Mobile-Friendly Websites

Written 7.10.2015 by Stefan Materzynski

On the basis of data driven approach to website design, redesign is your must-have in optimization of your website for mobile devices.

Working with HubSpot

Written 2.10.2014 by Stefan Materzynski

A few words about HubSpot & Clickray – its goals, experience in website redesigning and approach to new marketing.

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