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Written at 12 February 2016 11:50 by Stefan Materzynski

 If you think that Steve Jobs build the Apple empire because he was a super techie guy, you are very much mistaken. He succeeded due to some ingenious ideas and the incredible power to sell them. That is precisely all you need to run a good company blog using the HubSpot’s upgraded blogging platform. No IT background nor coding skills required. We present some of the coolest features provided by HubSpot, which will literally make your life easier.

  1. Intuitive and user-friendly content management system

    Thanks to the modular system and intuitive drag and drop layout, page editing couldn’t be any easier. It’s a super useful solution, for instance, if you want to rearrange your page or change the position of your call-to-action button (yes, it does make a difference!) to improve the conversion rate. You can this on your own even without any coding skills.

    When we started to run our blog, we made some crucial mistakes (who doesn’t?) and the poor CTAs placement definitely was one of them. Of course we knew the basics (for example that CTA should be above the fold ), but the truth is there is no golden rule. Luckily HubSpot’s A/B testing tool came to the rescue. We could actually measure the performance of every CTA and choose the most effective option, without wild guessing.

  2. Ability to run several blogs

    So you are a great content creator and one blog is not enough for you? Or maybe you want to run a blog in different languages? HubSpot’s platform enables you to start as many blogs as you wish with just one click (literally). This convenient feature will be warmly welcomed by those marketers who wants to satisfy different niches of readers. 

    It was a huge help for us while building a blog for one of our clients: Coresystems, which has an English and German version of the site. HubSpot’s blog feed saved us a great deal of time and work.

  3. Search Engine Optimization

    I would say that this should be the crucial feature of every blogging platform, since the core reason for running a business blog  is attracting readers and before you achieve that with your mind-blowing content, you have to become findable in search engines. HubSpot’s blogging platform has a built-in search engine optimizer which will give you some tips on what to do so that your new post get the high visibility in search engines (there are more blogging platforms which offer very decent SEO tools, for instance, WordPress). You don’t even need to know much about proper titles, tags, keywords density, meta descriptions, keywords in the URL and all that stuff. HubSpot’s inteligent tool will do this for you. 

  4. Sitemap XML

    Site maps XML manage content shown to search engines, which makes it easier for the robots to crawl your website. HubSpot automatically generates the sitemap for your website so you don’t need to do this manually nor install any special plugins.


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Stefan Materzynski

Pine Cove Consulting

I am a co-founder of Clickray. Our inbound marketing agency started in 2012 and we got HubSpot partner certificate. From that time we help companies to: - redesign websites, - optimize SEO and SEM, - generate leads, - increase conversion rates, - launch and improve e-mail marketing campaigns, - launch websites and e-commerce platforms, - automate marketing processes. Now we are highly concentrated on HubSpot COS. We develop medium and big websites from scratch and produce ready to use templates for HubSpot Marketplace. If you have some questions please feel free to ask me anything : :-)