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3 Reasons Why Perfect Website Conversion is a Myth

Written at 09 November 2015 09:00 by Stefan Materzynski

Assuming that every visitor to your site is a potential prospect who will become your repeat customer is a mistake. 100 %  conversion rate simply do not exist in real life. There is a number of reasons why perfect conversions does not exist. One of the reasons is that not all site visitors are made equal, and they come to your site with different goals in mind. You can divide the visitors to our web site in to three categories No, Yes and Maybe. As far as Website conversion is concern you can forget about the first two groups. They represent your negative personas and they will never convert o matter how well optimized your website is. For website conversion purposes you should concentrate on the last group the “Maybes”. Lest examine this different groups more closely:

  1. No --Those who will never convert



Some visitors to your website are simply not prepared to convert. They may be your competitor  checking your website for information about your company. Your products or services can be too expensive and they cannot afford them. Or they are just surfing the web for information. There are a hundreds of reasons way they will never convert. It is important to realize that that there is nothing we can do to influence their action. Unfortunately for most websites this group is the largest of the three.  




  1. Yes – Those who will always convert

This is the group of website visitors that will always convert no matter the difficulty that face them throughout the process. This group represents people that know about your products or services and are confident about them. They may not have other alternative or simply cannot be bothered searching the web  for one. They may have conducted long searches but found your product or services only viable to their immediate needs. Others have received positive feedback through offline resources such as a recommendation from your current customers. No matter the reason this group will convert no matter how your website is broken. The main point here is that this people do not need further convincing.



  1. Maybe – Those who may convert

This is the final group, representing people who are undecided. This are people who fall under a category of your ideal buyer personas. They fit the demographic information and are from a industry that most likely represents the bulk of your sales up to date. They are almost there and a small improvement to your website might encourage them to take action.Some of them my require additional persuasion and guidance in order to convert. As a matter of fact you probably are currently converting a portion of this visitors unless your website is truly broken.

This is the group of people that your website optimization efforts should concentrate on, and if executed correctly will have a significant positive effect on your website conversion rate and your business goals.



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Stefan Materzynski

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