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Starting With HubSpot From Scratch

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Written at 19 February 2016 09:30 by Stefan Materzynski

According to Forbes magazine, less than 10% of companies are using marketing automation and yet everybody knows that, in today’s digital world, this is an absolute must. Are you surprised? So are we, but actually that’s a good news – it means that you can do better than 90% of your competitors just by implementing the right marketing automation strategy. We have prepared some tips on how to do this using HubSpot’s COS as it is integrated with every marketing channel and offers really awesome marketing tools (but of course you can choose from a wide range of content management systems out there). 

Conversion path

“85% of B2B marketers say lead generation will be their most important content marketing goal in 2016. Sales will be their second priority.” 

Why is it so important? Attracting visitors to your website clearly is not enough to convert them into real clients. Most of them do an in-depth research before actually buying something. So the real goal is to keep them interested. In order to be effective, you must create the whole conversion path centered on your website – the hub of your marketing campaigns.

Setting up a perfect website

Setting up a responsive website optimized for search engines would be the next thing on your to-do list. Here are two possible scenarios:

  1. You already have a websiteif so, you can just convert it to the HubSpot’s COS (by the way, you can check the effectiveness of your current website using HubSpot’s Website Grader). Thanks to ready templates and pre-built modules, you can recreate your main site, blog or landing pages maintaining the style and feeling of your current website. The whole process is quite easy even for a non-techie person, especially since HubSpot offers its users a free support. Nevertheless, if you want to benefit from all their cool marketing tools, you will need to sacrifice some of your precious time.

  2. You doesn’t have a website yetif you are not a web designer nor have time or ambition to become one, perhaps the best solution would be to outsource your web design and development to a professional company. You will save a great deal of time and the overall result will probably be better too. If you decide to launch your website in HubSpot’s COS, make sure to hire HubSpot certified partners to help you go through the process. Check-up if they have the HubSpot Design Certification and experience in creating B2B websites tuned for conversions.

Content optimization

Once your customized website has been launched, the real fun (and kind of hard work) begins! Defying your buying personas’ profiles would be a good place to start. Answer yourself those questions:

  • Who are they? (age, profession, habits, interests, etc. – be as specific as you can)
  • What kind of information they are looking for?
  • How can you help them (better than other companies) to solve their problems?
  • Where are they in the buying process?

Based on the gathered data, you can later create a content (website, blog, landing pages, CTAs, lead-capture forms) tailored to the particular needs of each visitor and promote it via e-mail campaigns and social media.

Let’s say you have a few different groups of visitors, interested in a different kinds of services or products. Obviously you don’t want to clutter your prospects’ mailboxes with unwanted stuff. The intelligent newsletter system will make sure that each subscriber gets exactly what he / she is looking for.

Last but not least – statistics.

Running a successful marketing campaign means measuring its effectiveness and constantly improving your methods. Marketing analytics tool will tell you things like: who opens your e-mails, what is your conversion rate or which CTA captures more leads. The more data, the better. This way you will be able to refine your strategy so you can get higher return on investment in the future. Isn't that what marketing is all about?



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Stefan Materzynski

Pine Cove Consulting

I am a co-founder of Clickray. Our inbound marketing agency started in 2012 and we got HubSpot partner certificate. From that time we help companies to: - redesign websites, - optimize SEO and SEM, - generate leads, - increase conversion rates, - launch and improve e-mail marketing campaigns, - launch websites and e-commerce platforms, - automate marketing processes. Now we are highly concentrated on HubSpot COS. We develop medium and big websites from scratch and produce ready to use templates for HubSpot Marketplace. If you have some questions please feel free to ask me anything : :-)