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HubSpot’s Blog and Lead Nurturing Strategy

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Written at 09 February 2016 16:14 by Stefan Materzynski

Finding a strategy which would smoothly push leads down the sales funnel seems to be a real Holy Grail quest of every marketer. But finally the day came when their prayers have been answered. Since the stakes are high, we’ve decided to sum up the best HubSpot’s blogging platform features that make the lead nurturing process much quicker and easier.

Social media and email notifications

One of the best things about HubSpot is that all your followers can be informed about your new blog post, the very moment you publish it. The widget automatically uploads your blog image and meta descriptions to the given social media channel which directs more qualified traffic to your blog. This of course can result in raising your conversion rate. What’s more, people who subscribed to your blog, get notified about the new post via e-mail so you can be pretty sure nobody will miss it.

Testing, testing and testing

Probably the most useful and desirable feature of Hubspot’s platform is its ability to test the effectiveness of your blog. It can tell you how many people read your post, how many of them clicked your call-to-action button or how many comments did you receive. This intelligent tool not only gathers all the crucial data, but also notifies the appropriate team members, enabling them to react more quickly.  Nevertheless, for each true marketer, the real crème de la crème is the possibility to see the precise number of inbound links generated by every single blog post. That means that you can assess your blog performance and actually know if anybody gives a damn about your writing. Why is it important for the lead nurturing purposes? Put simply, because you can find out about your leads’ interests and notify them every time you publish something worthwhile. That is basically what lead nurturing is all about.

Smartphone optimization

It’s always nice to make somebody’s life a little bit easier, especially when there is a big chance your effort will be appreciated. The last but not least, thanks to the HubSpot’s platform, your audience  can see your posts on smartphones or tablets both horizontally and vertically. A little thing but how convenient, isn’t it?


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