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How To Use Social Media [5 TIPS]

Written at 15 December 2017 12:09 by Daria Symanko

We believe that there is no boring brand. Any product finds its buyer in the fullness of time. However, you need to help it a little. Each industry can be represented such way so it becomes curious and reaches the desired recipient. We can confidently say that social media is one of the cheapest ways to accomplish this goal.


Everyone knows that social platforms are inexpensive and efficient at the same time. Besides that, a lot of people use them every day. We advise you to follow these five hints to understand better how to promote your company in an practical manner by using the social network.


  1. Content building


    This is doubtless the first thing you should think about when creating a bunch of accounts. Ask yourself one simple question: what are you going to post there? If your product or service is hard to implement/customize/setup, so helpful tutorials, instructions, and smart guides will be more than ever. Such educational posts will increase customer confidence to your firm. The critical issue here is not to overdo: don't forget to publish also entertaining articles time to time.


  2. Let's talk


    No website has enough feedback. Of course, the client can write you an email and wait for the response for ages or leave a million comments, but the best reaction is that immediate one. Social media create a lively dialogue. As a result, the buyers believe they are unique, and we feel more useful at the same time.


  3. Keep your brand in front


    Retargeting is an effective impact on potential customers. By using it, online advertising will be visible to the users who already had to deal with your profile, but left the site without making a purchase. The mechanism is activated immediately after the recipient exits the fanpage. This approach forces him once again to think about making a purchase decision. The great thing is that we do not push the product for all at once. We leave the space for users to independently make sure that this product is something that they absolutely need.




  4. A fabulous story in B2B


    Why not? Software, applications, even ERP services can be transformed into candy. What you need is just a little imagination. Let's take advantage of the life stories of customers who have already benefited from your offer and light non-deceptive texts about how it works or who you are. Publications like guidebooks educate the recipient, while storytelling - entertains. That makes surfer staying with us for longer. Do not forget to use multimedia, tags, or location. Voila, nature advertising is ready! But there is one "but." Each blog likes frequent daily visits to the page. Otherwise, the readers will run away, and you will enjoy your texts alone :)



  5. Call for influencers


    Experts can provide splendid opportunity to promote your company product. The crucial requirement is to find an approach to them and create a fruitful collaboration. Offer the influencer to test your product. They may try it and spread the news on Social Media platforms. The expert’s review will catch viewers’ eyes and such opinion will be valued, and respected in the environment.

    As you can see, by using these tips you can get more customers and B2B partners, also make your boring industry more attractive. In this short note, we wanted to show that it is not worth being afraid of challenges. What is boring can become a curiosity.


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Daria Symanko

Pine Cove Consulting

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