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3 Characteristics Your Website Redesign Agency Should Have!

Written at 20 January 2016 15:44 by Stefan Materzynski

If you are one of those people who are currently seeking out digital agencies to outsource your next website redesign project and don’t know where to start, read this blog post as you might find it useful. Websites are arguably the greatest Inbound Marketing asset that a firm possesses. Therefore selecting the right website redesign outsourcing agency for the project can make a difference between success and failure of your overall digital campaign. Over the years website redesign projects have become more and more complex, due to the rapid technology advancements and the way consumers make purchasing decisions.

Moreover, website redesign projects often involve much more than just web design and web development. In fact, you’ll likely need the services of marketing strategists, content strategists, copywriters, third party software integrations, photographers, etc. It’s important to go into the process with a defined list of criteria and expectations

1. Scope of your project

Before you start surfing in the Internet or begin asking your colleges about a potential partner for your next website redesign project, muster your internal team to create a rough idea of the scope of your website redesign project. It generally should lead to defining a marketing or operational goals, agreeing on a budget, setting a target launch date, and defining basic technological requirements, such as web platform or server requirements. By gathering this information you will be able to get a clearer vision of your needs and define the criteria and characteristic of your website redesign outsourcing agency.

2. Evaluate designs beyond the visuals

There are many designers out there designing beautiful looking websites. The challenge is to design a gorgeous looking website with all the Inbound Marketing best practices. One of the Inbound Marketing best practices is designing website around the content. The content is created according to the needs of buyer persona and his pain points. In other words a experienced website redesign outsourcing agency will develop the design around your buying personas. Every single element on your new website should be specially crafted to resonate with your buyers. Elements like long paragraphs of product copy should be replaced with simple value propositions and solution-centric messaging that address buyer pain points. Branding and visuals should be designed according to buyer needs.

3. Does the website redesign outsourcing agency think about conversion

The websites ability to convert your visitors in leads is another aspect that goes beyond just a beautiful design. It can be achieved by implementing features like CTA bottoms (Call to Action Bottoms) which encourage our visitors to take certain action. This action is ultimately to transfer them to a landing page where they leave their details and become leads. During the early website redesign process, experienced website redesign outsourcing agency should take it into account and create conversion point map within the new design.

By following these simple steps, your next website redesign project can be part of a successful digital campaign. It all starts with knowing needs, defining SMART goals and choosing a website redesign outsourcing agency with characteristics that meet your goals.

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