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Custom Web Design at ClickRay

Written at 23 June 2016 18:05 by Szymon Binek

Here at Clickray we work hard for your success. Of course creating websites, which engage, convert, and delight your customers is no child’s play. It requires not only creativity but also a lot of work and self-discipline. Throughout our years of experience with custom web design, we have established a detailed plan that we follow every time we prepare websites for our clients. If you are considering hiring us and wondering how our cooperation would look like, here you can see our website design process step by step.

So how do we design websites?

Custom webdesign in Clickray

1) We ask what you expect

First of all, we ask you to fill out a customized questionnaire. Then, we schedule a talk via Skype during which we discuss your design preferences, colors, fonts, logos and options you would like to have on your website. We also ask about your target client group because we know that websites should be matched to the target clients’ needs. Now we have all the information we need to start working on your new website!

2) We create a mock up

After learning what you expect from us, we start working on information architecture, which means that we brainstorm possible organization and structure of your future website. After we pick the best solution, we prepare a mock-up that depicts proposed layout of your homepage, product page, and blog. We do our best to make the website user-friendly and optimize it for conversion. After we are finished, we send you the mock-up for approval.

3) We design

The most creative part begins after you approve the mock-up - design development. We prepare graphics and photos. We also create a digital copy of your website based on your company’s logo and your design preferences. In order to avoid any mistakes, we use a specialized program that displays the design in a web browser. Thanks to it we know from the beginning how the finished website will look like on your clients’ computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

4) We improve the design according to your guidelines

We send the design for your review. If anything is amiss, we improve it according to your comments.

5) We keep in touch so you can contact us anytime

We are available on Skype daily, so if you have second thoughts, change your mind about a certain aspect of your website, or you have some additional tasks, you can contact us and receive an immediate answer. This makes our cooperation easier and more satisfactory for both sides.

6) We use Basecamp, so you can track the progress

We organize our work through Basecamp, so you can track our progress. Thanks to tickets system you can easily check what has been done, what is in progress, and what will be done in the future.

7) We implement HubSpot

In this stage we, bring your design to life. At this point our team of HubSpot-certified developers focuses on coding, content migration, and SEO friendly setup. We build your website in HubSpot’s Template Builder. The Builder helps in creating the structure of the website as it visualizes the code as columns that can be easily dragged and dropped. We use also Inline Editor, which allows preview and edit pages, emails, and blog articles in HubSpot. It delivers a true What You See is What You Get experience, so it makes our work much easier.

8) We test

During the process of HubSpot implementation, we constantly do tests to ensure that everything runs smoothly on every possible platform and device. After everything is ready, we check whether the website is fully responsive again. We use specialized testing tools to provide the best quality. If everything is ok...

9) Your website goes live

Finally - it’s time for your brand new website to go live! We handle the whole process, from domain configuration to URL mapping.


It’s done - your website is now ready to attract and convert. So sit back and enjoy it! You can be sure that after all the changes we made you will see a lot of new customers and improve your sales.



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Szymon Binek

Pine Cove Consulting

Szymon, as the main originator and the co-founder of ClickRay, has been with it from the very beginning, that is from 2012. He develops marketing strategies and personally supervises projects, making sure that everything goes smoothly and on time. Szymon has a Master’s degree in Marketing Management. He is responsible for the content-related and business side of projects. To put it simply, he listens to the customers and makes sure they get what they expect. He is always eager to share his know-how and some useful tips with the rest of the team.