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Written at 02 October 2014 15:53 by Stefan Materzynski

We are really excited about the fact that we are back to HubSpot and on the way to becoming an official HubSpot partner.  If all goes according to the plan, we should get certified in few months. Since we are back to HubSpot we are also back to Inbound Marketing which essentially means blogging for business. Since this is our first blog post, we will introduce ourselves and to set the tone for our blog , let you know about what and why we will blog about.

Let’s talk about Clickray!

 A lot has changed since 2012 when we first came across Hubspot and built our agency offering around Inbound marketing service. From day one Clickray was strongly supported by HubSpot. We evolved and changed from being a traditional Inbound Marketing agency making strategy and content to becoming an Inbound design studio. This evolution and change came from our back ground which is more technical and business orientated. Steve, who is my college and co-founder of Clickray, has over 10 years of experience in project management in the field of web design and development. Based on his experience and my ability to the new business development, we have successfully completed over 100 projects throughout the last 3 years. They were from a simple brochure like web page to e-commerce shops.


So “Clickray is an Inbound Marketing Assets development outsourcing company based in Poland”. That essentially means that we get hired by Inbound Marketing agencies, creative studios, marketing teams and business owners around the world to help them developing inbound marketing assets. We develop and design data driven custom centric websites on the HubSpot CMS or WordPress, optimize them for SEO and mobile devices. Our highest priority is to build websites which engage, convert and delight customers. We follow a customer centric approach and a data driver strategy. Thanks to them, we are able to redesign your website into your biggest marketing asset and the #1 salesperson.

What will we blog about?

In this blog we will write about web design and everything associated with it. Since Internet is full of content about web design and development , and Inbound Marketing is all about distinguishing your company form all that clutter in the internet, we will describe our approach to web site design and development. This approach incorporates a few new strategies and tactics to web design and development, which for no reasons where invented by us but rather adopted and tweeted for our purposes. In the later articles we will elaborate on concepts like “data drive approach to web site redesign”, customer centric approach and growth driven design. You can expect to read about this topic on this blog in the near future.

Why “Data driven approach to website redesign”

Essentially, I am frustrated about the old approach to website redesign based on a beautiful design created according to the likes and dislikes of our clients management, or marketing teams. Long ago, throughout my carrier I have came up to a problem during the web redesigning process. The design of the new website was created far too much around what is “beautiful design” according to the key decision makers and not around data. Please don’t get me wrong, we have no problem incorporating what the client wants and likes, but the web redesign should not based on this information only. I think that the old model is broken and we need a new date driven consumer centric approach to web site redesign.

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Stefan Materzynski

Pine Cove Consulting

I am a co-founder of Clickray. Our inbound marketing agency started in 2012 and we got HubSpot partner certificate. From that time we help companies to: - redesign websites, - optimize SEO and SEM, - generate leads, - increase conversion rates, - launch and improve e-mail marketing campaigns, - launch websites and e-commerce platforms, - automate marketing processes. Now we are highly concentrated on HubSpot COS. We develop medium and big websites from scratch and produce ready to use templates for HubSpot Marketplace. If you have some questions please feel free to ask me anything : :-)