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Introducing ChatSpot: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement on HubSpot

Published 25 May 2023 12:49
by Dominik Zglinski

HubSpot has introduced ChatSpot, an AI-assistant designed to enhance the experience of CRM users. Similar to other emerging AI tools, ChatSpot understands natural language instructions and carries out tasks accordingly. Its primary purpose is to simplify the utilization of HubSpot CRM.

Powered by ChatGPT and HubSpot, ChatSpot allows users to engage in conversations and perform CRM-specific operations. Here are just some of the key functions offered by



Chat Spot features:

  1. Adding Contacts:

One of the most common tasks facilitated by ChatSpot is adding contacts to the HubSpot CRM. By typing a command like "add a contact Jonh Doe,," users can seamlessly add contacts to their CRM.

  1. Assigning Contact Owners:

ChatSpot also enables users to assign owners to their HubSpot contacts. Simply by issuing a command like "assign [contact name] to [owner email]," users can successfully assign the desired contact to a specific owner.

  1. Getting Fast HubSpot Help:

With ChatSpot, users can quickly find answers to their HubSpot-related questions. By asking queries like "Where can I connect a domain in HubSpot?" or "How do I set up a blog?" users can receive prompt assistance.



Now let's explore some advantages of


  1. Simplified HubSpot CRM: simplifies the usage of HubSpot CRM, which is particularly beneficial for beginners. HubSpot can be overwhelming for new users due to its various objects, data, and lists. Studies indicate that 43% of users utilize less than half of the CRM's features, either due to a lack of awareness or fear of trying something new. However, ChatSpot's user-friendly chat interface addresses these concerns by allowing users to easily perform basic actions such as adding contacts or generating reports. This makes adopting HubSpot CRM more accessible for beginners.


  1. Reduced Dependency on Other Teams: 

HubSpot CRM serves multiple teams within an organization. Sales representatives can utilize it for follow-ups and pitching new services, while support team members can use it to communicate with users and address their queries. reduces reliance on other team members by providing instant access to reports and information. Users can retrieve relevant data without waiting for their colleagues, resulting in decreased dependency and improved efficiency.



ChatSpot simplifies work processes and streamlines the adoption of HubSpot CRM. By utilizing ChatSpot, employees can overcome initial hurdles and gradually become proficient in their HubSpot CRM journey. Furthermore, it minimizes dependencies on other team members, facilitates easier reporting and data monitoring, and ultimately makes job tasks more manageable. If you haven't tried the ChatSpot app yet, it is recommended to give it a chance. While it may be slightly bothersome initially, it will undoubtedly make your job easier over time.

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