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HubSpot CMS Templates - 5 Myths

Written at 03 November 2016 17:43 by Szymon Binek

“A myth is any traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a cultural practice or natural phenomenon.[3] Myths are often stories that are currently understood as being exaggerated or fictitious

This is the definition of myth from the Wikipedia. Although the “myths” presented in this post are not of supernatural or natural phenomenon kind, but in my opinion are still worthwhile mentioning.

Recently we’ve been getting a lot of questions from our associates and clients about CMS Templates available on the HubSpot marketplace. Since many of the arising questions were repeated by different people, not in any way connected with each other, it is safe to say that these stories have grown to the ranks of myths. We’ll be playing the “Myth Busters” game in this post and any try to bust these myths.


Myth 1 "Why Do All Websites build on HubSpot CMS Templates look the same"

I get this question very often and I get it from people that I work for, with, family, friends, acquaintances and people that I really try to avoid. Never the less the question or should I rather say Myth still arises.

There is a perceived perception that all HubSpot CMS templates look and feel the same. In fact, in spite of being the most commonly asked Myths this one was the easiest for me to bust. During the time of writing this post there were around 530 different templates available in the Marketplace. To make the comparison more precise I have narrowed down the search include only full website template packs including Home Page Sites, and have received a value of 41 different designs in the Market Place. The price range in this category also reflects the variation in design between different templates, ranging anywhere between $80 and $300 dollars. Below I prepared a few examples of Templates available in the marketplace that have completely different designs and in my opinion are worthwhile mentioning:

HubSpot COS template .png

HubSpot COS template 2.png

HubSpot COS template 3.png

Myth 2 HubSot Blog Templates offer limited design capability

One of the most important features of HubSpot and its’ all in one digital marketing software is the blogging platform which is responsible for generating organic traffic and converting it into leads by implementing CTA buttons that link to landing pages with premium offer content. Since blogging is a fundamental part of any Inbound Marketing Strategy we implement blog feeds more than any other elements of the CMS. Many times we are approached by prospects who are saying that HubSpot Blog Templates offer limited design capabilities. I think that this is completely not true. Since the blog feed is built in the same way as the rest of the CMS, it has the same design capabilities as the rest of the system. Skilled designers and developers are able to create anything they can possibly imagine. Like the rest of the CMS the blog feed has its limitations but overall it is a flexible platform that offers virtually unlimited design capabilities.

Myth 3 All Templates available in the HubSpot Marketplace are made equal technology like wise

At the time of writing this post, it was about a month after HubSpot launched its new template marketplace. Since we did not have enough experience with the new version yet I had to base my description on the templates from the old marker place. We have worked with a number of templates from different providers in the marketplace, customizing them for our clients’ purposes. From my personal experience I can say that not all Templates available in the market place are made equal technology likewise:

For example, our Turbo Sodium Templates have much higher RWD standards than required by HubSpot and therefore are more sophisticated technology likewise then templates which meet minimum RWD standards.

Myth 4 Are HubSpot CMS Templates worth their high price tag

This particular point might not be a myth as the price is more of a perceived value conception rather than an exaggerated story, but I decided to mention it anyway, as this question is often asked. There is no right or wrong answer here, and each case should be treated individually. Certain things can be extremely valuable for certain groups of people but in the same time pose no value to another group. It all deepens on marketing needs and goals. For example, if you just want to have a static brochure-like website, paying the extra fee for HubSpot Templates will be a waste of money. But if you are planning on achieving more with your website and have SMART marketing goals like: generating leads, improving conversion rates, or implementing dynamic content then the investment is worth the higher price tag. Properly optimized Website will work as your assets during the executions of Inbound Marketing campaigns generating leads and improving conversion.

Myth 5 HubSpot CMS Templates are not customizable

This is soooooooo not true. Here at Clickray we regularly customize templates according to specific client needs. In fact, we can literally change anything in the template and end up with a product that is completely different from the original design. All though we do not recommend such a practice as in this case it is better to design a new dedicated custom website.

You could compare this to a situation with building a house using a ready design. It is safe to say that you can change or adjust the house design according to your preferences. Possibilities of adjusting ready house designs are endless and can start from anything like the size, number of rooms, arrangement of rooms or visual element. This approach saves time and money during the design phase, and the same rule applies in the world of webs design.

Below are two examples of Turbo Sodium Templates which we customized according to client’s preferences. The first link shows the original template design and the second and third, the same template redesign according to preferences.

Example 1

Example 2

I have chosen the above-mentioned examples as they came up often during conversations with prospects, clients and marketers who were looking for ways to migrate their websites to HubSpot CMS. One option to do that is to use  templates available in the market place and customize them according to preferences. I hope that in this post I have managed to bust 5 common myths about the HubSpot CMS templates.


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