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How To Use Buyer Personas for Website Redesign

Written at 17 November 2015 16:44 by Stefan Materzynski

You probably all know what buying personas are right? And as smart Inbound Marketers you are using them to create educational content that is compelling to your prospects. IF for some reason you missed out on what buying personas are hear is a quick recap:

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Buyer personas provide you with important information regarding your ideal customers, like their demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals.

So now that we know what buyer persons are, and we know their intentions and goals, it is time to redesign the website accordingly to their specific goals. In another words it is time to map out in detail how to guide the right personas ,through the right activities, in the right order.

The basic steps in creating a buyers journey based on the buyer persona goals is as follows:

1. Define key visitor roles

Depending on your business, your site my need to address the needs of very divers types of visitors: 

  • Ideal buyer persona
  • Existing clients
  • Information seekers
  • Business partners
  • Investors

The usual practice is to provide each of this groups with a equal attention which results in creating a comprehensive view of the home page ( if we are designing the home page).This approach of one size fits all is actually counterproductive as not all visitors are made equal. The important visitor are the once who interact with mission critical parts of your business in other words your ideal buyer personas. Therefore reduce this conversion related roles based on these criteria.  Here is a example of mission critical role:

Inbound Marketing Agency- buying persona business owner looking for  marketing solutions that provides ROMI or  CMO looking to outsource part of their marketing activities,  

Once you have identified the key needs of each persona it is possible to tie them up with roles that they need to perform on your site and create the website redesign accordingly. 

2. Define critical tasks for each role

Tasks are sketched-out problem statements that correspond to the buyer persons problems when looking for a solution. This tasks should represent common activities that users might want to engage in that have significant value to the business. Example task:

Inbound Marketing Agency buying persona business owner = download a eBook on “Digital Marketing for small and mid size companies that provides real return on investment”

3. Define structured content to support each task

Once you have successfully connected your buyer persons to their specific goals and defined the tasks that they have to take, it is time map out what help, information, and resources will be necessary for them to take the desired action. This basically comes done to creating content that corresponds to their goals. This can be anything from CTA statement to the content of the ebook, everything that will the visitor take the desired action. Once you have the content connect it to each task and stage.


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