Terms And Conditions

These are the standard terms and conditions for all of our services listed at clickray.eu and apply to all contracts and all works undertaken by Clickray for its clients.


We require 100% upfront payment for all of our services. This is non-refundable once we start working on the project. We reserve the right not to commence any work until the deposit is paid in full.

Template Maintenance

If you are using our Turbo Templates that means that they were purchased through HubSpot Marketplace, or we have manually added them to your portal. Either way, all of our products have been thoroughly tested by our internal testers as well as HubSpot Technical personnel before were showcased in the HubSpot Marketplace. That means that they function correctly and provide the right results only if are appropriately used and modified.


You must supply all materials and information required by us to complete the work by any agreed specification. Such materials may include but are not limited to photographs, written copies, logos, and other materials. Where there is any delay in supplying them to us which leads to a delay in the completion of work, we have the right to extend any previously agreed deadlines by a reasonable amount of time.


We use Basecamp, Harvest and InVision App software for project management, team communication, time tracking, and displaying designs respectively. While working with us, you should accept using these tools.


Our website design & development phase is flexible and allows unique variations of the original specification. However, any significant deviation from the specification will be charged by the hourly rate. After the design phase is accepted and issues are moved to the development stage, we may extra charge of changes to the original design specification.

Time Frames

Remember that in case of Template Customization Hourly Packages, each package has its specific duration. The 10 hours package is valid for 20 working days. The 20 hours package for 30 working days and 50 hours package for 60 working days. Working days are understood as days from Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays (such as the 1st of May) and other non-working days (e.g. New Year’s Eve). This means that the Hourly Package you have bought should be used within a certain period. You do not have to use it for one thing but within a specific limit of days. After exceeding the package’s duration, unused hours are lost.

After the package is ordered, you can realize all requested requirements within three months if only the project was estimated for a more extended scope. After the time is expired, the project is closed automatically, and there is no way to claim a refund.

Bug Fixing

We provide our clients with free bug fixing only in case of reasonable fault on our part. This issue can be connected only with the original code structure. Otherwise, if you are buying a template, you take the responsibility to set up the page on your own or by your webmaster and to do changes or other improvements. We cannot be responsible for lack of necessary skills to accomplish the goal associated with this template or just no desire to sacrifice people's own time.

Project’s Completion

When your hourly budget is over, you will be notified by a time report with project progress and billable tasks. You must inform us in writing of any unsatisfactory points within two days from such notification. Any work that has not been reported during the two days review period will be deemed approved, and the contract will be considered as completed.

License & Copyright Laws

We would like to point out that one template purchased from our Company is dedicated to only one website (HubSpot Portal). You are not authorized to use one template on two or more portals. If you want to use the template for another portal, then you should purchase the template for the second time.


You must obtain all necessary permissions and authorities in respect of the use of all copies, graphic images, registered company logos, names, and trademarks, or any other materials that you supply us with so that we can insert them on your website. You must indemnify us and hold us harmless from any claims or legal actions related to the content of your site.

Consequential Loss

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer from, which is in any way attributable to any delay in performance or completion of our contract, however that delay arises.


We reserve the right to subcontract any services that we have agreed to perform for you if we find it necessary.


We (and any subcontractors we engage) agree that we will not at any time disclose any of your confidential information to any third party.

Additional Expenses

You agree to reimburse us for any requested expenses which do not form part of our proposal including, but not limited to, the purchase of templates, third-party software, stock photographs, fonts, domain name registration, web hosting or comparable expenses.