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Stylish, innovative and highly customizable Turbo Mercuric Theme is our largest project on the marketplace and now Turbo Mercuric Landing #1 ebook is ready at your disposal. This awesome module by Clickray will provide your viewers with the most unforgettable impressions. Our module has some astonishing features which you can personalize. Feel free to choose the most suitable background for your Hero Banner. You can apply an image, a video or a mask alone. Additionally, you are able to tailor the background’s mask by selecting its type, color, and level of opacity. Make your banner more tailored by choosing its most accurate height and the content width. Don’t forget about the quality. Turbo Mercuric Hero Banner is equipped with standard HubSpot’s fields such as text, rich text, and CTA buttons. Feel free to change the rich text’s font size either from the list or manually.

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