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The most amazing multi header module

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Image and Text module

Using this module you can present all the necessary information about your company. Entertain your viewers by adding a tailored and interesting image, customized description of your company as you wish and selected imaginative text's animation.


Add compelling heading

Customize box heading

You can provide the visitor with more details about your work

Customize box heading

Tailor your text by choosing interesting layout and style

Customize box heading

Make your work more accessible by using this smart box module

Customize box heading

You can add in as many new box modules as it seems necessary


Attractive title

In Expertise top section text you are free to add information about your company’s powerful competencies. Using agile lists with a picked icon to make whole more enjoyable.

Catchy title
  • Group
  • Achievements
  • In
  • Sections
Catchy title
  • Select
  • An
  • Interesting
  • Title
Catchy title
  • Pick
  • Animation
  • For
  • Module
Catchy title
  • Add
  • More
  • Compelling
  • Modules


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Template Customization vs. Custom WebDesign

31 Oct, 2018

We receive daily a lot of comments and questions about personalizing templates that were bought from HubSpot Marketplace. Moreover, it happens really often that the Template Customization and Custom WebDesign offers are confused and the range of tasks assigned to one service is required in the other one. Why is that? We have been thinking about the cause to this fuss and decided to create a post dedicated entirely to solve this problem. We want you to fully understand which type of services are assigned to each of the offers.

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Video Tutorial: How the Search Function Works on Turbo Sodium Template

23 Jan, 2018

Search is an essential part of many websites. When users can not find the content, they are looking for it with navigation. That's why it's vital to have a robust search engine that returns relevant results to your site. Fortunately, Google simplifies adding custom searches through Google Custom Search.

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Video Tutorial: How to Add a Google Map and Styled Map Marker to Turbo Templates

20 Dec, 2017

While working on Turbo Templates and customizing Contact Pages, our clients have the couple of questions concerning Google API key, map pin appearance, branded map styling, etc. After watching our video tutorial, all of these things won't be an issue anymore for you.

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