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We are pleased to announce our significantly revised edition of Turbo Sodium template! At the request of our customers, our renovated Turbo Sodium v2.1 theme contains + 10 new rebuilt website templates. They look the same as their blog versions but can be easily edited like website pages. 

After purchasing Turbo Sodium v2.1 pack from the HubSpot marketplace, you will get:


  • 5 - email templates
  • 10 - blog templates
  • 1 - error page template
  • 9 - landing page templates
  • 45 - website page templates
  • 10 - new rebuilt website templates from an original blog


Our new pack combines refinement and practicability. Bright accents with white fields complement each other perfectly. Powerful design focuses attention and attracts an appropriate audience. No bothering, only temperate forms. 


Templates are made in drag & drop technology according to the best HubSpot coding practices and standards. 

drag & drop technology.png


All modules can be easly edited from backend.


 backend editing.png


Let us introduce you our unique 60 custom modules, which different pages include. Hover over particular module until you see a transparent pink shade with loupe icon. Then click on the module to check how it looks from the backend. 

Page name: HOME page #1

Module: Sodium v2 - HeroSlider ( Slide )

Here you can put your individual header with subheader under it and choose a couple of pictures for the excellent presentation. Scroll them easy just by pushing the arrow button.

Sodium v2 - HeroSlider ( Slide )-2.png


Module: Sodium v2 -Services Box

Special field to share company’s service provision and it’s sphere of activity. Font awesome or your own pictures will help to achieve an unforgettable result.


Sodium v2 -Services Box.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Loading skills

 Other stylish circular infographics in the percentage. This rate shows your amazing professional skills in the loading mode.

Sodium v2 - Loading skills.png


Module: Quotes Module With Portrait (New)

Any quote which you could only image may be placed here. Set an unlimited amount of sayings and scroll them easy just by pushing the arrow button.

Quotes Module With Portrait (New).png


Module: Sodium v2 - Feature Box

Special field to share your winning features and the strengths of the company. Font awesome or your own pictures will help to achieve an unforgettable result.

Sodium v2 - Feature Box 2.png


Page name: HOME page #2

Module: Sodium - v2 Home Hero Video Module

Get used to the title with the usual background? What if we propose you the video instead? And besides it two stylish buttons with the ability to scroll down faster by an awesome bottom pin.

Sodium - v2 Home Hero Video Module.png


Module: Sodium - v2 Background Spacer

Get used to the simple whitespace between the sections? Instead of emptiness, here it is the stunning space picture for you. Notice: not visible at the mobile devices.

Sodium - v2 Background Spacer.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Feature Yolk Box

Awesome design with handsome icons, precise titles and super description it’s a perfect match. Describe your top services here.

Sodium v2 - Feature Yolk Box.png


Module: Sodium - v2 iPhone Mocup Module

Put your stunning picture inside this phone graphic. It could be gif, jpg, png, bmp… Each file format you prefer.

Sodium v2 iPhone Mocup Module.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Blog Email Subscription

Pure field to subscribe to the latest news and offers. Be stylish with your own background image on it.

Sodium v2 - Blog Email Subscription.png


Page name: HOME page #3

Module: Sodium v3 - Services Square Box Module

It’s a perfect place to list your firm advantages and characteristic features. Show what differs you from the others: use unusual pictures or a complete set of icons like “font awesome”.

Sodium v3 - Services Square Box Module.png


Module: Sodium v3 - Features with Mocup

Gif picture in the middle draws attention to the 6 icons on both sides. It could be advantages or special features of your product, any things you would like to mark.

Sodium v3 - Features with Mocup.png

Module: Sodium v2 Pricing Box

Set all prices on your products and services, describe the characteristics. Make an accent on one or more columns to present a special offer. These fields will have an inverted style color and bigger size for standing out. Attach the link to your marketplace for immediate purchase.

Sodium v2 Pricing Box.png


Page name: ABOUT ME

Module: Sodium v2 Text Block & Skills

More details about your company! It’s time to boast of your amazing skills here. Introduce your skill level by well-favored loaders in percentage ratio and fill the yellow blocks by useful info. 

Sodium v2 Text Block & Skills-kopia.png


Module: Sodium v2 Text Block & Image

Tell your clients more about you. It’s time for life stories, road to success, funny moments, why you do what you do. Swap text and picture, choose your own layout.

Sodium v2 Text Block & Image.png


Module: Sodium v2 Text + CTA Separator

A wide belt with an exclusive CTA button on it, which calls for the further acquaintance with your services or products.

Sodium v2 Text + CTA Separator.png


Page name: ABOUT US

Module: Turbo Sodium History Box Module

Build your company or product time axis with all important developments and changes included. Enlighten your reliability through the company rises in the chronological chart. Let your clients check in stages the great events implemented by you.

Turbo Sodium History Box Module.png


Module: Sodium v2 - People

All your awesome profiles of team members are here. Choose the best photo, write down a specialization. Encourage clients to trust by adding some social links.

Sodium v2 - People22.png


Page name: CAREER

Module: Sodium v2 - Small Header for Careers

Main splash screen for the career section. Choose your own background image and unique header for it. Our COS guide  will help you to implement changes to the title, text, and picture.

Sodium v2 - Small Header for Careers.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Header with search for Careers

A non-standard search engine where you are able to seek by the keyword, job title, company name all content you are interested in. It scans an entire page. Easy application for job search.

Header with search for Careers22.png


Module: Sodium v2 Careers Form

Convenient questionary with a special field, where a potential employee can put his CV file simply dragging from the desktop or choose it among files on the computer.

Sodium v2 Careers Form.png


Page name: CASE STUDY

Module: Sodium v2 Get a free quote

Your exclusive bright CTA bar for instant feedback. The possibility of fast clicking on “Contact” shows your willingness to help in any situation.

Sodium v2 Get a free quote.png


Page name: FAQ

Module: Sodium V2 - Questions Filter + Sodium V2 - Question

That module can be used for various targets. It sorts information into several categories like frequently asked questions, case studies, opinions, etc.

Sodium V2 - Questions Filter.png


Page name: SERVICES

Module: Sodium v2 - Expertise Box

Awesome design with stylish icons, precise titles and super description it’s a perfect match. Tell customers about your long-term proficiency, knowledge, and experience.

Sodium v2 - Expertise Box-2.png


Page name: PORTFOLIO

Module: Sodium v2 HeroBanner Portfolio Footer

Bright button tempts to undertake the successful collaboration with your firm. Background image with description especially attracts attention.

Sodium v2 HeroBanner Portfolio Footer.png


Module: Sodium v2 Hero Banner Portfolio

How to entice the customer thought the blog post? Start from the hero banner! Header with a background are the first things, which are visible on the page. Their purpose is to arouse an interest at the beginning.

Sodium v2 Hero Banner Portfolio.png


Page name: PRICING

Module: Sodium v2 Pricing Box with ribbon

Here you are able to switch on the special ribbons, which will emphasize the best price offers. Choose a suitable catchword. These accents will convince clients to make the right decision when buying.

Sodium v2 Pricing Box with ribbon.png


Module: Sodium v2 - FAQ Block

The best decision for your FAQ field. No topic filters here, just the top list of users questions. Expand the answer by clicking on the plus button.

Sodium v2 - FAQ Block.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Brands Slide

Any partner you work with can be placed here with its logo and company name. No automatic switching, put on the dot to change the slide. Insert links to all firms for the ability to follow them by clicking.

Sodium v2 - Brands Slide.png


Page name: PRODUCTS

Module: Sodium v2 - Text & Image Overflowing Container

A clear list of your products, which is so desirable to be scrolled! Introduce their appearance and detailed description. Secure the possibility to purchase / book / see more by clicking on button.

Sodium v2-Text&Image.png


Module: Sodium v2 Testimonial Slide

Nowadays, testimonials are very important to persuade your prospects to go further in buyer’s journey. So, we decided to provide this field into our new template. You are able to put an unlimited amount of recommendations here. Any quote from your ideal customer can be slashed one by one.

Sodium v2 testimonial slide.png


Module: Sodium v2 Video Module

Your awesome video can be placed here. Press the “click to play” button and the movie will start in a popup window.

Sodium v2 Video Module.png


Module: Sodium v2 Slider Recent/Popular posts

The special field with your individual posts for review. Three items are visible on the computer and the one post on the mobile screen. You choose, should the latest blog texts be located there or the most popular ones. Also, you can configure them to be opened in a new tab.



Page name: RESOURCES

Module: Sodium v2 Resources Slide

Main splash screen for the resources section. Choose your own background images and unique headers for them, then switch easily. Our COS guide will help you to implement changes to the titles, text, and picture.

Sodium v2 Resources Slide.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Resource Module

It’s a perfect place for some resources you are willing to share with your audience. You need a unique content, which will satisfy users requests and solve their problems. For example, a special e-book, variety of videos, some descriptions or just well-aimed photo! That’s what they are looking for. Your potential clients will be able to download the file and get acquainted with information proposed by you.

Sodium v2 - Resource Module.png



Module: Sodium v2 - Resource Category Module + Sodium v2 - Resource Vertical Module

Comfortable resource field, where the customers can download any of your remarkable content formats like whitepapers, ebooks, documents and other. They can easily switch through categories and choose the most appropriative one. It’s possible to upload your exclusive title and an encouraging cover on it, also a link to the PDF file.

Sodium v2 - Resource Category ModuleSodium v2 - Resource Vertical.png


 Page name: TEAM

Module: Sodium v2 - Join Us

Put the link to your career page here. Choose the background, picture transparency and your unique “Join us” button is ready.

Sodium v2 - Join Us.png


Page name: LAYOUTS

Module: Sodium v2 - Small Header

This minimal header is idyllic for the page begging. It divides the sections and makes them clear.

Sodium v2 - Small Header.png


Module: CTA Box

The sidebar is a great place to attract attention and continue a collaboration by using a special form. Your contact banner with CTA especially fits here. Keep in touch with your clients and partners 24h/7.

CTA Box.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Sticky Footer Module

Infobar is sliding thought all the page, at the end attaches to the big footer. It’s possible to establish up to three buttons on it. After closing by clicking on the cross, it will be invisible for a while. You can set the time of bar reappearance in cookies.


Sodium v2 - Sticky Footer Module.png



Module: Sodium v2 Hero Banner Landing Basic 2

It’s a perfect formula for the successful feedback. The questionnaire incorporates all necessary information about your clients for further contact. This specific form will cause the expansion of your ideal customer rate. Selection fields help to attract leads and close more sales.

 Sodium v2 Hero Banner Landing Basic 2.png


 Module: Sodium v2 Hero Banner Event Clock

It’s the final countdown! Yes, like in that song. Per second reading of the time remaining to your unique event, promotion, action, special offer and much much more! What’s incredible, you can install different timezones for each country or just focus on that one you prefer the most. Therefore users from different countries/timezones will have an appropriate time that corresponding to their location.  After expiry of the term, the timeline disappears and any inscription proposed by you goes instead.

Sodium v2 Hero Banner Event Clock.png


Module: Sodium v2 Landing Single Event

Convince people to take a part in your awesome event due to the practical event planner. Additional information is available under the three dots. After clicking, your client will be navigated to undertake the next steps. Set the time, special details and link for redirection. 

Sodium v2 Landing Single Event.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Brands Slide NO LINK

A bright moving belt dedicated to your partnership. Names and logos of all firms you collaborate with may be showcased here.


Sodium v2 - Brands Slide NO LINK.png


Module: Sodium v2 Past Event Gallery - 4 Image

Do you carry out some interesting activities? It’s time to share them with your online viewers. The best moments from your events should be placed at this fine four-picture gallery.

Sodium v2 Past Event Gallery - 4 Image.png


Module: Sodium Video Box

Insert any video ID from vimeo here and it will appear in the best quality on the page. Choose your unique title for it.

Sodium Video Box.png


Module: Service Box- Sodium

It’s a perfect place to list your firm new products and updates. Show here what differs you from the others. Use unusual pictures or a complete set of icons like “font awesome”.

Service Box- Sodium.png


Page name: CONTACT

Module: Sodium v2 - Contact Banner v1

Contains a high-quality Google map, which shows your firm exact location. The user can check how to get to your company from any destination.

Sodium v2 - Contact Banner v1-1.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Contact Banner v2

Perfect place for all your company data: contact info, address and email. Set any background.

Sodium v2 - Contact Banner v2.png


Module: Sodium v2 Google Map

An accurate miniature map with precise localization of your firm. It perfectly complements the rest contact form and whole feedback field.

Sodium v2 Google Map.png


Module: Sodium v2 - Follow Us

Stylish square social media icons are available to contact your firm on different social networks. 

Sodium v2 - Follow Us.png


Page name: BLOG

Module: Sodium v2 - Small Header for Blog

Your blog will look more modern with excellent header under the text. All necessary information is automatically set on it: the title, author profile, and the accurate date.

Sodium v2 - Small Header for Blog.png


Module: Sodium V2 Hero Banner Recent Post

This banner is set to display the last blog post, which you have published. A good title with an author data and the current date will make people stay updated with last news of your firm. The background image is optional.

Sodium V2 Hero Banner Recent Post.png 


Daria Symanko