Video Tutorial: Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 Customization
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Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 is one of the most popular templates by numbers of purchases via the HubSpot Marketplace. In connection with it, a large amount of request appears on out support desk regarding how to customize this page. That is why we prepared a video guide which clarifies all uncertainties regarding:


  •  What type of template Blog Site 2 is
  •  Making a single post preview visible
  •  Integrating listing with single post template
  •  Setting filtering by categories
  •  Amount of topics that you can implement
  •  Creating of proper icons 



Here you have the links for downloading sample icons from our Blog Site 2 demo. On their base, you can create your  stunning images for different categories. Don't forget to keep dimensions and arrangement:


Still not sure what the core differences between website and blog feed? Check our next video tutorial to learn it.


Daria Symanko