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Video Tutorial: How the Search Function Works on Turbo Sodium Template

Search is an essential part of many websites. When users can not find the content, they are looking for it with navigation. That's why it's vital to have a robust search engine that returns relevant results to your site. Fortunately, Google simplifies adding custom searches through Google Custom Search.


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Video Tutorial: Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 Customization

Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 is one of the most popular templates by numbers of purchases via the HubSpot Marketplace. In connection with it, a large amount of request appears on out support desk regarding how to customize this page. That is why we prepared a video guide which clarifies all uncertainties regarding:


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Video Tutorial: How to Locate Turbo Sodium Templates After Purchasing

Have you ever faced any difficulties with finding your Turbo Sodium templates after purchasing? If the template’s navigation seems unclear, you needn’t worry anymore. With the next video on our channel, we will be pleased to help you with these issues.


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Video Tutorial: Difference Between Website and Blog Template in HubSpot

The new technical tutorial is already on the channel! If you are a happy holder of our Turbo Templates and looking for some answers about the blog edition, you are on the right path.


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How To Set Up Filtering By Categories On Turbo Sodium Templates

Nowadays, filtering is an essential function for not getting lost in the content on differents site pages and streamlining your information correctly. Our Turbo Sodium templates are no exception and also offer this advanced feature on Case Studies, Portfolio and Product pages both on website and blog version of pages.


11.08.2017 by Daria Symanko, 2 Comments

Video Presentation of Turbo Sodium Template for HubSpot COS

The most frequently asked question from our customers is how Turbo Templates look from the backend. So, now you have an excellent opportunity to see the template backend on your own!


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5 Ways to Customize your Template after Purchasing

Want to make your template a unique one, but don't know where to begin? There are 5 different ways to make your website the one and only. We want to present all methods of customization. From the most simple, which are clear to everyone, to the more advanced ones, special for people with HTML + CSS coding skills . Choose which is appropriate for you and let's get started! 


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HubSpot Template Turbo Sodium Pack Presentation

We are pleased to announce our significantly revised edition of Turbo Sodium template! At the request of our customers, our renovated Turbo Sodium v2.1 theme contains + 10 new rebuilt website templates. They look the same as their blog versions but can be easily edited like website pages.