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Savvy Tricks to Boost Your ROI with the Perfect Website

In the mythical, pre-Internet era the world of marketing was very simple. A customer simply walked in to your shop, you recommended him a product, and, more often than not, was sold. End of story. Now, everything is different as more and more businesses turn to online marketing. But it's not only about having a website that people can visit. It’s about encouraging them to visit regularly, buy your products or services and, preferably, to recommend your company to future clients. The marketing battle is fought inside the customer’s head as much as on your e-commerce site. Luckily, there are some savvy tricks which will help you to be on the winning side. Some of them are well-known and recommended by everyone: responsive design, low shopping charges, price anchoring, possibility to shop without an account, etc., etc. But now it’s time to learn about some more sophisticated yet often disregarded  tricks to boost your return in investment (ROI)!


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Effective Website Redesign: Busy Marketer’s Checklist

We, marketers, are always in a rush. Hundreds and thousands of tasks to do, people to call, campaigns to run, promotional material to print. It is virtually impossible to cover all the bases, especially if one of main tasks is website redesign. While your website is your most valuable marketing machine, the process of design may prove painful even if you decided to hire somebody to do it for you. You know - all those IT specialists asking strange questions, unforeseeable technical difficulties, unexpected delays, and, of course, the need to personally supervise everything…


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What To Consider When Building a Website Redesign Plan?

Website redesign is no child’s play. That is why you need a well-prepared plan, especially if you’re new to the business. It will not only give you some confidence, but will also make your work a lot easier. Even if you have hired a web developer or a web design firm, it’s better to prepare a plan thanks to which you’ll find it easier to explain how would you like your website to look like.


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Website Redesign: Is it worthwhile?

By now you have certainly read many posts about website redesign. Yet you’re still wondering: is it really worthwhile? It is a tedious work after all, even if you want to outsource your website redesign. There is still so much things to think of, and you already have too much on your plate. Maybe this redesign can wait?


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Does Your Website Needs a Makeover? Top 5 Warning Signs

As an old Chinese saying goes, fortune and flowers do not last forever. Today it'd be better to say: fortune, flowers and websites do not last forever. It is not enough to just have a website. It needs to be modern, state-of-the-art and attractive website. If you feel that your webpage falls behind and needs a redesign you can use ready-made templates or order a dedicated website. But first check whether you really need to bother. Here are top 5 warning signs which indicate that your website needs a makeover!


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Outsourcing Vs. In-house Developer: How to Make a Decision?

The Big Question


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Does and don’ts while setting up a multi-language website

Setting up a multi-language website is quite a challenge at least for 3 reasons: it’s very time-consuming, it requires extra-budget and advanced software. Of course all of them are pretty much connected as after all, it is all about getting higher return on your marketing investment. On the other hand, in today’s cosmopolitan world, an ever-increasing number of businesses go international and the multi-language website simply becomes a must for them. As more and more often our clients ask us to build for them a multi-language website in HubSpot COS, we’ve decided to share our experience and sum up some of the best (and worst) practices. Be prepared for some hard work!


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Migrating website to Hubspot’s COS – does it pay off?

Being an efficient marketer means staying always one step ahead of the competition. Unfortunately we all know how hard it is to stay up-to-date with all those new marketing trends, especially since not all of this stuff is really worth investing in. So, without further ado, we present the advantages and some of the obstacles you may find when migrating your website to the Content Optimization System – the newest product of the HubSpot company. In the next few paragraphs we will tell you how to start with your COS and why it is actually worth every penny?


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Starting with HubSpot from scratch

According to Forbes magazine, less than 10% of companies are using marketing automation and yet everybody knows that, in today’s digital world, this is an absolute must. Are you surprised? So are we, but actually that’s a good news – it means that you can do better than 90% of your competitors just by implementing the right marketing automation strategy. We have prepared some tips on how to do this using HubSpot’s COS as it is integrated with every marketing channel and offers really awesome marketing tools (but of course you can choose from a wide range of content management systems out there). 


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HubSpot vs. WordPress – clash of the titans

If you’ve ever tried business blogging, it’s quite probable that you’ve heard about the unquestionable king of content management systems - WordPress, which powers over 24% of the web (according to their website: ) – that’s quite an outcome! It’s free, available and functional, but the big question remains: is it the best? As true marketing geeks, we simply couldn’t resist the temptation to compare this most commonly used blogging platform with one of its younger competitors – HubSpot, which consistently gains popularity on the market.   


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HubSpot’s blogging platform – why is it perfect for non-techie marketers?

 If you think that Steve Jobs build the Apple empire because he was a super techie guy, you are very much mistaken. He succeeded due to some ingenious ideas and the incredible power to sell them. That is precisely all you need to run a good company blog using the HubSpot’s upgraded blogging platform. No IT background nor coding skills required. We present some of the coolest features provided by HubSpot, which will literally make your life easier.