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Will Rebranding Hurt Our SEO?

If you are a Chief Marketing Officer or the Head of Marketing, you most likely have the Search Engine Optimization (SEO in short) in your head 24/7. SEO is greatly important because it makes your website more visible, which means gaining more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.[1]


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How to Establish Brand Identity Through Website Design?



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Don't Overlook Naming Conventions- It's The Key To Organizing Your CMS

What is the key to success?


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Less Pain, More Gain-6 Things developers should know about the CMS Hub

  In March 2020, HubSpot announced the release of its new content management system called CMS Hub. The former version of HubSpot CMS was around for almost six years and its longevity speaks for itself. However, the launch of the new CMS Hub is a game-changer. Apart from the extended functionality, the new CMS Hub offers improved editing experience for both marketers and developers. All in all, it provides the right tools and methodology to create exponential customer experiences on HubSpot websites.  


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How can the new HubSpot CMS Hub help you in your marketing efforts?

How can the new CMS Hub and Theme-based website help you in your marketing efforts?


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Template Customization vs. Custom WebDesign

We receive daily a lot of comments and questions about personalizing templates that were bought from HubSpot Marketplace. Moreover, it happens really often that the Template Customization and Custom WebDesign offers are confused and the range of tasks assigned to one service is required in the other one. Why is that? We have been thinking about the cause to this fuss and decided to create a post dedicated entirely to solve this problem. We want you to fully understand which type of services are assigned to each of the offers.


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Video Tutorial: How the Search Function Works on Turbo Sodium Template

Search is an essential part of many websites. When users can not find the content, they are looking for it with navigation. That's why it's vital to have a robust search engine that returns relevant results to your site. Fortunately, Google simplifies adding custom searches through Google Custom Search.


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Video Tutorial: How to Add a Google Map and Styled Map Marker to Turbo Templates

While working on Turbo Templates and customizing Contact Pages, our clients have the couple of questions concerning Google API key, map pin appearance, branded map styling, etc. After watching our video tutorial, all of these things won't be an issue anymore for you.


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10 Helpful Tools For Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

It’s obvious that working in marketing area is related to not only creating the new content but also to operates with data and results analyzes. That’s why it's beneficial to have special marketing tools near your fingertips to make your job easier.


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5 Tips How to Use Social Media When Working in Boring Industry

We believe that there is no boring brand. Any product finds its buyer in the fullness of time. However, you need to help it a little. Each industry can be represented such way so it becomes curious and reaches the desired recipient. We can confidently say that social media is one of the cheapest ways to accomplish this goal.


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Video Tutorial: Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 Customization

Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 is one of the most popular templates by numbers of purchases via the HubSpot Marketplace. In connection with it, a large amount of request appears on out support desk regarding how to customize this page. That is why we prepared a video guide which clarifies all uncertainties regarding: