How Turbo Nickel Icons Work
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We would like to present you new Nickel icons created especially for our latest Turbo Nickel template pack! Unique graphic image styles will make your pages exceptional and emphasize firm features in a right way.

Not so long ago we have told you about Font Awesome. For those who have not seen we are happy to narrate again:

These symbols are used by people all over the world to convey any word or information graphically. Such fonts look much more attractive than ordinary bullets and markers. Their variety cause that you can enumerate and showcase everything by the small awesome pic. Figures don’t need a translation and are identically perceived all over the world.

The problem is that last time font awesome has lost its uniqueness because of public availableness. It is free of charge, and everybody can use it. Inspired by Vanadyl Template Clickray Team decided to create even more smart icons, available only for Nickel users!


When buy Nickel Template from us, you will get 13 different cute fonts. Check them under this link:


Looks stunning, doesn’t it? But how to use Nickel icons in your beautiful Turbo Nickel Template Pack? That’s easy. Primarily, choose the custom module where you want to change the icon. We decided to implement changes in Nickel Landing #1 video in the ni-feedbox-large-bordered custom module.


Check the Turbo Nickel presentation with detailed custom modules description and their view from the backend.


  1. In Image/Icon field choose the Icon option.

    icon option nickel.png

  2. Copy name of the icon from the list, for example, ”ni-icon-calendar”.


  3. Put it into the module field below called „Icon class”.

    icon class calendar.png

    Also, you can replace the  „ni-icon” by „fa”, and your icon will have the standard view of font awesome.

    Zrzut ekranu 2017-08-28 o 14.07.28.png

    By the next step change the graphic image size if needed, add your content under each block, set the animation delay of boxes. 

    Wow! Your page is ready to conquer the world and the hearts of clients!

Daria Symanko