Adding a Stylesheet to the Webpage
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Have you been making some changes for stylesheets but don’t see them on a preview?  Probably you have copied a page and stylesheet or HubSpot supplied a template for you. We will show how to get stylesheets attached to the page. 

  • Primarily, click on Content dropdown menu, where you can find the Design Manager


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  • Open any template, then go to navigator bar above and tap "Edit" on the dropdown menu, then "Edit Head". We work on Home page #3 in Turbo Sodium v2.1 template.

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  • Convince, that options “Enable Primary CSS File” and “Include Domain Stylesheets” are both disabled. 

  • Go to “Add Stylesheet link” field and add another stylesheet. Find that one, which is suitable to the template you have purchased.

  • Don't forget to save changes.

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The website is beginning to update after you are done with Publish button. Congrats!
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Daria Symanko