7 Popular How To's About Basic Content Updating In Website Pages For HubSpot COS
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The Hubspot Content Optimization System is very clear despite the fact it is called a professional software. Nevertheless each professional needs a programmer’s advice at the beginning to achieve awesome results after. Let’s start from the basic stuff: adding pictures and content. No worries. Easy solutions often lie under complicated names

    1. How to create a new website page?

      To begin with, open Content -> Website Pages and click on „Create a new website page”  blue button on the right side:

      website pg.pngЗнімок екрана 2017-03-28 о 13.45.50.png

      Then scroll between templates you have purchased and choose the one you want to create. We will check a „Home #1 main” from our awesome TurboSodium v2 template. Write an appropriate title name to affect the frequency of clicks on it.

      Знімок екрана 2017-03-28 о 13.57.33.png


    2. How to work with the Content editor?

      After you are done with the page creating, the content field appears. Move the cursor on the module and click on the gray round icon with a pencil. The sidebar will automatically open. Check how many things you can implement to your content. Here you are able to regulate colors, sizes, background and more.

      Page editing.png

      Example: Let’s 
      achieve a magnificent composition! Begin with a page title and lead. Don't forget to click on "save and go to the module list". 

      title change.png


    3.  How to change/add/delete the custom modules?

      You can see the whole list of modules by clicking on the box icon.

      To change:
      Before each custom module you have some extra positions, which can be changed.
      For example, for Quotes Module you can modify the testimonials background, mask opacity and the quotes header.

      NOTICE: This option is available only on flexible column. 

      exstra chenges.png


      It is possible to change the remaining parts by clicking on the module once again.

       module changes.png

      To add:

      Extra modules may be added to the layout by clicking on the plus sign icon. You will see all particular modules created by us.  Find the place you want to add a new one, then just drag and drop it. 
      We decided to pull gallery under hero banner. 

      add modules.png

      To delete:
      Just hover over the module on the left side menu, and trash icon will appear. Then confirm the action.

      delete the module 1.png

      Curious about live example? Check our Video Presentation of Turbo Sodium Template and learn more about custom modules adjustment.

    4. How to undo changes in visual editor?

      When you have made unnecessary changes, click on Revisions icon between "Save" and "Update" buttons on the top right side. The whole list of your modifications will open, where you can choose the previous one and return to this step.

      choose a revision.png

    5. How to add basic page information to make my site listed in search engines?

      First of all, enter your unique URL on the Settings tab. Also, caring about the Meta description: get the visitor click your link form the search engine. Write down the long-tail keywords, but keep the phrase less than 160 characters.

      basic info.png

    6. How to change the default logo to your own for all templates?

      Go to Content -> Content Settings. On the left sidebar, you will see "Page Publishing" option. In the Logo section click on "Select Image". Upload a new file from your documents. Tadaam, your unique logo now is on the each template.

      logo change.png

    7. How to change the logo in single email?

      Go to Content -> Email. Open Email edition and click on box icon on the left side menu. Custom modules list will appear. Tap on "Logo", check the box "Override default logo for this page", then replace with a different image by clicking on pencil. 

      logo email changing.png

Would like to change the font and main colours of the pages? Look into our blog post about Website customization. 

Oh, can’t believe that! You’ve done with the study guide and ready for website publishing! 

Daria Symanko