Turbo Vanadyl Pack Presentation
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We are pleased to announce you our new Turbo Vanadyl template pack. This theme was created with the care of those, who appreciate their time and don’t want to spend ages on the redesign process.

Want to make a quick customization in a few simple steps? Or just starting your journey with the HubSpot? These templates are what you were looking for. The light transparent pack gives a fresh look on your products and services.


After purchasing Turbo Vanadyl pack from the HubSpot marketplace, you will get:


  • 4 - landing page templates
  • 1 - subscription preferences template
  • 2 - email templates
  • 1 - subscription update confirmation template
  • 3 - blog templates
  • 1 - backup unsubscribe template
  • 2 - error page templates
  • 9 - website page templates

Working for a tech industry, marketing agency or just created a successful startup? Turbo Vanadyl will be the perfect solution for you. The soft and reserved design does not detract from the main - your company and brand. Easy scroll, smooth transitions will not leave anyone indifferent. 


Our template is made in drag & drop technology according to the best HubSpot coding practices and standards. 



All modules can be easily edited from the backend.


va-action-slide backend.png


Let us introduce you our unique 45 custom modules, which different pages include. Hover over particular module until you see a transparent pink shade with loupe icon. Then click on the module to check how it looks from the backend. 

Page name: Home

Module: va-hero-slide

Check your amazing hero slider. It is possible to set your main background with a big title and multiple minor ones with smaller headers here. The active CTA button will direct your client to the right Landing page with the special offers. Additionally, add an extra image for mobiles, which will be perfectly adapted for smartphones. 



Module: va-offer-box

Distinguish all unique company offers here. Choose the best graphic pic from 40 Vanadyl Icons especially developed for Turbo Vanadyl templates to achieve incredible results. Check all of them by clicking here. You are also free to use the own image instead of the icon.


Also, explore our blog post about How Turbo Vanadyl Icons Work.



Module: va-text-image-background

Another great CTA bar with the possibility to set background text or image and choose an accurate description. 



Module: va-action-slide

There are two options to use this field: to fill up each box manually or just set dynamically drawing from the blog posts: recent or popular ones. Put the blog ID and set the post number.



Module: va-counter

Add from 1 to 5 fields which smoothly will be counted from zero to the actual number of your projects, events, meetings, etc.



Module: va-testimonial-slide

Introduce your workers and underline their skills and knowledge by fortunate citations. Complete field by sign image and author name.



Module: va-text-video-modal

In this module set your background image or video, write in rich text, complement it by stylish Call-to-Action button. 



Module: va-3-blog-posts-section

Showcase recent or popular blog posts in this section. Tap on Blog ID and adjust the "Read more" text.



Module: va-text-icons-background

Set up to 5 image icons with CTA's. Choose between background text and picture. Also, its possible to regulate the backdrop text location. 



Module: va-partner-slide

Add logos of bussiness partners here, sumplement them by active links which will redirect to appropriate pages. 



Page name: About us

Module: va-herobanner

Pure nifty hero banner which will suit for each page. Choose the background and level of mask transparency, write down convenient subheader.



Module: va-image-and-text

Write some key points in this space. Edit the text, choose its position. You may also uncheck active animate of the whole field.


Module: va-videobanner

Choose your preferred type of background: video or image. Configure mask opacity, attach URL to the video if needed.



Module: va-cta-bar

Plain CTA bar made for encouraging your immediate sales. Activate your background image and animation to boost consumers to take a prompt action.



Module: va-text-block-and-image

Stylish blocks with images and texts will devirsify your content. Possible to add social sharing buttons and choose the text position.



Page name: Case Study (Listing) Website

Module: va-category-module + va-category-box

In combination, these two modules form a unique whole. Boxes perfectly pull together by moving a square patch of light. While hovering over each field, specific description and CTA appears. Such an ideal solution for case studies representation. 




Page name: Case Study (Single) Website

Module: va-picture-with-2-textblock

Add an appropriate image which describes your client project, then fill blocks by the text on the both sides. 


Module: va-hero-slide-two-section

This module is placed in a flexible column, so you can create multiple versions and switch them over. Create your presentable content about achieved results here.


Page name: Company

Module: va-text-block-and-image-v2

Input your company story here. Use one of stylish iconsspecially created for Turbo Vanadyl by tapping the class and set the size then. va-text-block-and-image-v2.png


Module: va-simple-slide-image

Pure full screen slider, attach a set of background pictures and thumb them through.



Page name: Privacy Policy

Module: va-privacy-policy-single-row

Simple module to introduce the law and rules of your firm. Complete each single row by terms of use/privacy policy agreement.


Page name: Product

Module: va-image-slide

Add some png files for your slider which will successfully present your products and attached URL will redirect your clients straight to the marketplace.



Module: va-feature-box

Describe all company features in these stylish boxes. Choose the best graphic pic from 40 Vanadyl Icons especially created for Turbo Vanadyl to achieve incredible results. Check all of them by clicking here. You are also free to use the own image instead of the icon. Complete the form by active CTA.




Module: va-mocup-slide

Put any format of the picture inside, showcase your products in mockups and scroll them easy. The recommended amount of sliders is three items.va-mocup-slide1.png


Module: va-one-line-icon-text

The additional small line of text, which you can add everywhere to clarify remaining fields and custom modules. Choose the graphic from Vanadyl icons or FontAwesome.



Module: va-testimonial-video-slide

Attach your URL to the video file, or choose "Embed video" option, where you can add iframe code of any video resource, for example, YouTube. Strengthen a citation by background image, add people who you collaborate with and download company logos.



Module: va-image-text-background

This is the smart module with several functions. Choose between text and image in the background, attach your picture, icon and insert the CTA. 



Page name: Services

Module: va-feed-box

Other great boxes with a portion of firm services. Underline them with beautiful icons or any desired graphic images.



Module: va-text-image-section

Pure field with the ability to edit text the way you want, punch your straightness and essential items. Diverse your content by running animation. 




Module: va-multibox

Three rich texts in the one module! Attractive images will perfectly match them.



Module: va-pricing-box

Set all prices on your products and services, describe the characteristics. Make an accent on one or more columns to present a special offer. Attach the link to your marketplace for immediate purchase.





Module: va-blog-subscription

Polished subscription form for email notifications about recent blog posts.



Page name: Landing Page #1 ebook

Module: va-hero-lp-ebook

Stunning hero banner for the landing page with Call-to-Action with fancy hover effect to upload the special offer.


Page name: Landing Page #2 video

Module: va-hero-lp-form

Quick subscribe form in hero banner for instant approval. Grab more necessary information about your visitors.



Module: va-text-movie-modal-small

Modern module with rich text and video box, which opens in popup after the clicking.va-text-movie-modal-small.png

Page name: Landing Page #3 ebook video

Module: va-text-and-bg-image

Describe your training materials contained on the landing page such as ebooks, videos, whitepapers, etc. In such a way you will nurture your leads and engage them.



Module: va-quick-subscribe

It’s a perfect formula for the successful feedback. The questionnaire incorporates all necessary information about your clients for further contact. This specific form will cause the expansion of your ideal customer rate. 



Page name: Contact

Module: va-maplocation

This module contains a high-quality Google map, which shows your departures exact locations. The user can check how to get to your company from any destination. We created stylish markers to underline your spots.



Module: va-ourlocations

 Enumerate your departures in this section, allocate them by place markers and type the concrete address.


Module: va-socialbuttons

Stylish and minimalistic social media icons are available to contact your firm on different social networks. 


Page name: Blog

Module: va-herobanner-blog

How to entice the customer thought the blog post? Start from the hero banner! Header with a background are the first things, which are visible on the page. Their purpose is to arouse an interest at the beginning.



Page name: Case Study (Blog)

Module: va-herobanner-blog-v2

Main splash screen for Case Study section. Choose your own background image and unique header for it. 



Page name: Resources (Blog)

Module: va-cta-box

The sidebar is a great place to attract attention and continue a collaboration by using a unique form. Your contact banner with CTA especially fits here. Keep in touch with your clients and partners 24h/7.va-cta-box.png


Daria Symanko