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07.12.2017 by Daria Symanko, 0 Comments

Video Tutorial: Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 Customization

Turbo Sodium Blog Site 2 is one of the most popular templates by numbers of purchases via the HubSpot Marketplace. In connection with it, a large amount of request appears on out support desk regarding how to customize this page. That is why we prepared a video guide which clarifies all uncertainties regarding:


14.07.2017 by Daria Symanko, 0 Comments

How HubSpot COS templates can help you win more customers?

There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding website templates. According to some, they are nothing more than an impersonal copy of somebody’s work. Although sometimes this may be the case, when chosen correctly and tailored to your specific business needs, inbound templates not only can save you lots of time and improve your ROI but also attract more customers. The trick is to find a perfect template for your company.