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Will Rebranding Hurt Our SEO?

If you are a Chief Marketing Officer or the Head of Marketing, you most likely have the Search Engine Optimization (SEO in short) in your head 24/7. SEO is greatly important because it makes your website more visible, which means gaining more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.[1]


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Template Customization vs. Custom WebDesign

We receive daily a lot of comments and questions about personalizing templates that were bought from HubSpot Marketplace. Moreover, it happens really often that the Template Customization and Custom WebDesign offers are confused and the range of tasks assigned to one service is required in the other one. Why is that? We have been thinking about the cause to this fuss and decided to create a post dedicated entirely to solve this problem. We want you to fully understand which type of services are assigned to each of the offers.


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Video Tutorial: How to Locate Turbo Sodium Templates After Purchasing

Have you ever faced any difficulties with finding your Turbo Sodium templates after purchasing? If the template’s navigation seems unclear, you needn’t worry anymore. With the next video on our channel, we will be pleased to help you with these issues.


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Turbo Potassium Pack Presentation

We proudly present our newest chemistry-inspired creation. The original Turbo Potassium template is as flexible to changes as its inspirer - the chemical element. It was designed with utmost care for details and usefulness to please even the most demanding tastes.


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How To Set Up Filtering By Categories On Turbo Sodium Templates

Nowadays, filtering is an essential function for not getting lost in the content on differents site pages and streamlining your information correctly. Our Turbo Sodium templates are no exception and also offer this advanced feature on Case Studies, Portfolio and Product pages both on website and blog version of pages.


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Turbo Nickel Pack Presentation

We are happy to introduce our brand-new Turbo Nickel template. A non-standard solution with three classy blogs which contain plenty of space to represent your gleaming content. Fresh forms, stylish blocks, multiple categories, social sharing - everything for your new successful business strategy!


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Video Presentation of Turbo Sodium Template for HubSpot COS

The most frequently asked question from our customers is how Turbo Templates look from the backend. So, now you have an excellent opportunity to see the template backend on your own!


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How to implement inbound template into your HubSpot COS in 5 simple steps

Many inbound marketers constantly think about changes to all the tools they use on a daily basis. They do it mainly to optimise marketing campaigns and achieve higher and higher conversion rates. The most important tools are company's website or landing pages. When using HubSpot COS it is quite easy to purchase and utilise new templates for sites, landing pages, mailings etc. I want to point out 5, the most important steps, to successfully implement inbound templates into your HubSpot COS.


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5 Myths About HubSpot COS Templates

“A myth is any traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a cultural practice or natural phenomenon.[3] Myths are often stories that are currently understood as being exaggerated or fictitious”