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31.10.2018 by Katarzyna Gawdzik, 0 Comments

Template Customization vs. Custom WebDesign

We receive daily a lot of comments and questions about personalizing templates that were bought from HubSpot Marketplace. Moreover, it happens really often that the Template Customization and Custom WebDesign offers are confused and the range of tasks assigned to one service is required in the other one. Why is that? We have been thinking about the cause to this fuss and decided to create a post dedicated entirely to solve this problem. We want you to fully understand which type of services are assigned to each of the offers.


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How Turbo Nickel Icons Work

We would like to present you new Nickel icons created especially for our latest Turbo Nickel template pack! Unique graphic image styles will make your pages exceptional and emphasize firm features in a right way.


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How HubSpot COS templates can help you win more customers?

There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding website templates. According to some, they are nothing more than an impersonal copy of somebody’s work. Although sometimes this may be the case, when chosen correctly and tailored to your specific business needs, inbound templates not only can save you lots of time and improve your ROI but also attract more customers. The trick is to find a perfect template for your company.


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How Turbo Vanadyl Icons Work

We are happy to introduce you new Vanadyl icons created especially for our latest Turbo Vanadyl template pack! Unique graphic image styles will make your pages exceptional and emphasize firm features in a right way.


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Clickray Web Design Process on Basecamp

Get ready to start our awesome collaboration? This blog post is specially made to understand each other with half a word. Let's learn about the whole web design process in Clickray team and how to use Basecamp for it! 


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5 Ways to Customize your Template after Purchasing

Want to make your template a unique one, but don't know where to begin? There are 5 different ways to make your website the one and only. We want to present all methods of customization. From the most simple, which are clear to everyone, to the more advanced ones, special for people with HTML + CSS coding skills . Choose which is appropriate for you and let's get started! 


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7 things about web design your boss needs to know

An average Internet user needs only about 3 seconds to decide whether the website is worth staying on or not. But what can you really tell about the website after those 3 seconds? Whether you like it or not, most of the visitors tend to judge a book by its cover and you have only one chance to make a first impression. Don’t spoil it! Here are 7 pillars of remarkable web design that every business owner should be aware of.


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Custom Web Design in Clickray: A Peek Into Our Process

Here at Clickray we work hard for your success. Of course creating websites, which engage, convert, and delight your customers is no child’s play. It requires not only creativity but also a lot of work and self-discipline. Throughout our years of experience with custom web design, we have established a detailed plan that we follow every time we prepare websites for our clients. If you are considering hiring us and wondering how our cooperation would look like, here you can see our website design process step by step. So how do we design websites?