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Clickray Web Design Process on Basecamp

When you are first added to the project on the Basecamp, you should check your mail for login instructions. After log in, you will see ongoing processes under these three categories:


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Customize your CTA in 7 Steps

By using Information and Design tabs in HubSpot CTA builder you can easily regulate the appearance of your Calls-To-Action. If you are looking for more advanced features like hover effect, follow the next steps.


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5 Ways to Customize your Template after Purchasing

Want to make your template a unique one, but don't know where to begin? There are 5 different ways to make your website the one and only. We want to present all methods of customization. From the most simple, which are clear to everyone, to the more advanced ones, special for people with HTML + CSS coding skills . Choose which is appropriate for you and let's get started! 


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HubSpot Template - Turbo Sodium Pack Presentation

We are pleased to announce our second significantly revised edition of Turbo Sodium v2 template! Our new pack combines refinement and practicability. Bright accents with white fields complement each other perfectly. Powerful design focuses attention and attracts an appropriate audience. No bothering, only temperate forms. 


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“The Beginners guide to HubSpot COS templates”

It might seem that a website redesign using a pre-fabricated template is a straightforward process. Although templates in many cases simplify the web design process it still is a complex undertaking. Therefore, it is smart to approach this process with some level of planning.


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5 Must-Have Tools For Web Development Services

So, you cooperate with a web development team, on a daily basis. It consists of specialists in a combination of various technologies (in our case: HTML5/CSS3, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, and more), often working from different locations and in flexible hours. In this article, I’ll skip the hard part of coding and focus on tools for web development services that will keep your team productive, informed and motivated. Let’s go!


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How to implement inbound template into your HubSpot COS in 5 simple steps

Many inbound marketers constantly think about changes to all the tools they use on a daily basis. They do it mainly to optimise marketing campaigns and achieve higher and higher conversion rates. The most important tools are company's website or landing pages. When using HubSpot COS it is quite easy to purchase and utilise new templates for sites, landing pages, mailings etc. I want to point out 5, the most important steps, to successfully implement inbound templates into your HubSpot COS.


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5 Myths About HubSpot COS Templates

“A myth is any traditional story consisting of events that are ostensibly historical, though often supernatural, explaining the origins of a cultural practice or natural phenomenon.[3] Myths are often stories that are currently understood as being exaggerated or fictitious”


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17 common misconceptions about HubSpot COS

We are often approached by business owners and digital marketers, who are thinking about starting the website redesign projects, which content management platform should they choose. Because most of them are HubSpot users, they consider COS as one of possible options, but there are always many questions about different topics. Is it flexible enough for rapidly changing design trends? Whether it’s closed ecosystem may be an obstacle for high international growth? Is it a good solution for non-techie users? There are still many misconceptions about what the HubSpot COS can and cannot do. Let's dive into 17 topics to break these myths, and gain more knowledge about the capabilities and functionalities it offers.


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Using BPO web development model for your agency: does it bring financial benefits?

So, you are probably thinking what is BPO and how it can financially benefit your agency. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a form of outsourcing that engages third party service providers into performing specific business process. It sounds very academic but BPO is commonly used in many business processes from accounting through telemarketing to market research. In this post I will try to explain how BPO Web Development can help your agency grow through scaling development budgets based on the workload acquired by your agencies sales.  


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5 HubSpot COS Tools Every Inbound Marketing Agency Should Be Using

Long, long time ago, marketing consisted pretty much of trying to reach as many people as possible and hoping someone would get interested. Of course, it wasn’t completely ineffective as statistically, the more people get your massage, the more chances you have somebody will actually buy your product. However, this meant more floundering around in the dark and certainly wasn’t neither thrifty nor fast way of getting customers. Luckily, nowadays there are tools enabling us to gather and analyze very precise data about prospects, tailor marketing messages to suit their individual needs and interests, and measure the return on our marketing investment. We picked 5 most cutting-edge, must-have HubSpot COS tools every inbound marketing agency should be using for the ultimate success.